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What is a blog?

Blog is short for weblog; an internet site that contains a series of journal-like entries and articles that can be of varying lengths, often allowing for reader interaction through a comment section.

Key Properties

These are some characteristics of a blog:

  • Informal, web-based writing medium that doesn’t require an editor or approval to be published
  • Articles may be as long or short as the writer wishes
  • Primary interaction comes through reader comments in a comment section

Insights that May or May Not Have First Appeared on Brian's Blog

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Elements that Bond Well With Blogs


While blogging is typically thought of as a written medium, sometimes it’s easier to record reflections, thoughts about concepts, or reactions via video and post that on the blogging site. (This action is sometimes called vlogging.)

dialogue educationDialogue Education

Blog posts may seem like digital magazine articles, but by their nature of living on the internet, blogs generally offer a forum for more back-and-forth dialogue. Often, valuable learning experiences come from the comments and discussion at the end of a post, not the blog post itself.

follow upFollow-up

You may wish to be intentional and incorporate a request for participants to draft a blog post or assign a blog post to be read (and commented on) following a learning experience to keep the content fresh and front-of-mind.

35 MicrolearningMicrolearning

There may be times when assigning a blog post is the entire learning experience. If this is the case, make sure you send along questions for the learners to keep in mind as they read, which can help focus their attention on the most important pieces of the post.


Similar to embedding a YouTube video into a blog post, you may also wish to embed a slide deck, via SlideShare, into your blog post to supplement your main points with PowerPoint-based content you have created or found to be relevant and useful.

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