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What is Email?

Email is a web-based means of communication that allows users to send messages, share information and links, and attach resources.

email as a training tool

Key Properties

The core properties of email are:

  • An electronic form of communication 
  • Allows people to send and receive information in the body of a message or through a file attachment.

Insight for Your INbox

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Elements You Might Find Attached to Email

supervisor supportSupervisor Support

Making sure a supervisor is included in your participant’s course of learning is the best way to support the transfer of knowledge into real world application. Emailing resources—such as a course outline, goals, how it can help participants, or a goal setting template—to help make sure the right people are attending and that participants and supervisors are on the same page when it comes to value and learning outcomes can be incredibly helpful.

follow upFollow-up

Once a learning program has finished, there are lots of reasons you can send an email to follow up and keep the content front-of-mind for your participant. Level 1 and Level 2 evaluations; photos of flipcharts that were taken during the session; sending resources, links, or folders from SharePoint where more information can be found; attaching the slide deck used in a class; or simply checking in to see what questions people have now that they’ve returned to work are all examples of ways to follow up via email.


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