Instructional Design

instructional design

Instructional Design   GAS-LIKE What is Instructional Design? Instructional design is a practice by which learner or organizational needs are identified leading to a learning solution being crafted, implemented, evaluated and refined. Other Common Names Instructional Systems Design Key Properties Instructional design is the intentional process of deciding how (or if) training can help solve […]

Learning Objectives Taxonomy

learning objectives

Learning Objectives (LURN-een OBJEKT-ivs) GAS-LIKE What is a Learning Objective Taxonomy? Learning objective taxonomies are an organizational structure given to categories of increasingly higher-level actions, skills, or behaviors that learners should be able to demonstrate by the end of a learning program. Other Common Names Other common names for learning objectives include: Goals Outcomes Key […]

Visual Design

visual design

Visual Design (VIZH-oo-al DEE-zeyen) GAS-LIKE What is Visual Design? Visual design is the practice of incorporating basic visual design concepts to ensure print and digital materials are engaging and effective. Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog Better Visual Design: Advice from Connie Malamed When it comes to the people in your PowerPoint or […]

Change Management

change management

Change Management (Ch-AIN-juh MAN-adge-munt) GAS-LIKE What is Change Management? Change management is a strategy that considers the reasons for the barriers and paths to individual and/or organizational change to ensure the highest potential for transformation. Other Common Names Other common names for change management include: People Management Key Properties Change management is characterized by: A […]

Gamification for Learning


Gamification (GAYm-IF-ih-KAY-SHUN) GAS-LIKE What is Gamification? Gamification is an instructional strategy that combines intention with a coherent collection of game elements to produce an engaging learning experience connected to objectives and outcomes. Other Common Names Other common names for gamification include: Game design Game mechanics Key Properties There is a difference between element 42 (games) […]

Dialogue Education

Dialogue Education (DYE-uh-log Ed-you-KAY-shun) GAS-LIKE What is Dialogue Education? Dialogue education is a theory developed by Jane Vella that states that learning happens best through dialogue. Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog One Word all L&D Professionals Must Take to Heart 15-minute Training Session Ideas Did Malcolm Knowles Have It Wrong? Is it […]

Adult Learning Principles

adult learning

Adult Learning (Uh-DULt LURE-neen) GAS-LIKE What is Adult Learning? Adult learning is a theory of instruction which believes that learners are most likely to succeed when specific criteria are met, including ensuring that the learning is relevant, solves a problem and, when possible, self-driven. Other Common Names for Adult Learning Other common names for adult […]