Change Management

change management

Change Management (DCh-AIN-juh MAN-adge-munt) GAS-LIKE What is Change Management? Change management is a strategy that considers the reasons for the barriers and paths to individual and/or organizational change to ensure the highest potential for transformation. Other Common Names Other common names for change management include: People Management Key Properties Change management is characterized by: A […]

Gamification for Learning


Gamification (GAYm-IF-ih-KAY-SHUN) GAS-LIKE What is Gamification? Gamification is an instructional strategy that combines intention with a coherent collection of game elements to produce an engaging learning experience connected to objectives and outcomes. Other Common Names Other common names for gamification include: Game design Game mechanics Key Properties There is a difference between element 42 (games) […]

Dialogue Education

Dialogue Education (DYE-uh-log Ed-you-KAY-shun) GAS-LIKE What is Dialogue Education? Dialogue education is a theory developed by Jane Vella that states that learning happens best through dialogue. Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog One Word all L&D Professionals Must Take to Heart 15-minute Training Session Ideas Did Malcolm Knowles Have It Wrong? Is it […]

Adult Learning Principles

adult learning

Adult Learning (Uh-DULt LURE-neen) GAS-LIKE What is Adult Learning? Adult learning is a theory of instruction which believes that learners are most likely to succeed when specific criteria are met, including ensuring that the learning is relevant, solves a problem and, when possible, self-driven. Other Common Names Other common names for adult learning include: Andragogy […]