goal setting
Goal Setting

Goal Setting

(GO-hl SET-teen)G

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What is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is the practice of establishing specific plans and action items as the result of a learning experience.

goal setting and action planning

Other Common Names

Other common names for goal setting include:

  • Action planning

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Elements that Bond with Goal Setting

supervisor supportSupervisor Support

No matter how self-motivated your participants are, ultimately it is their supervisor who can hold them accountable, encourage them to follow through on their goals, or (in the absence of goals) can encourage them to focus their attention elsewhere. For a training program to be effective, you’ll want to find ways to avoid that last scenario. Identifying potential strategies by which you can help supervisors set goals with their direct reports as well as make them aware of the goals participants craft for themselves can make the difference between an interesting training program and an effective training program.

follow upFollow-up

While action plans are an important element to many training programs, using a variety of follow up strategies to help remind participants of their goals and why your content was important can help encourage transfer to the real world.

instructional designInstructional Design

Like many other elements, goal setting cannot be a casual afterthought. Offering ways to help learners identify areas for improvement and giving them structure for goal setting throughout a training program can ensure goals are meaningful and more likely to receive follow through.

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