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What are Handouts?

Handouts are print materials distributed to enhance a learning experience.

Other Common Names

Other common names for handouts include:

  • Participant Guides
  • Training Materials
  • Job Aids
  • Training Handout

Key Properties

Handouts, participant guides, user manuals, and job aids can serve as reference materials and can keep the learning lights on for participants for days, weeks, and even years after a training course. They can also turn them off if the handouts are not designed with intention and purpose.

There is one key property that characterizes element 15, Handouts:

  • hard copy or digital collateral provided to learners.
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Thoughts about Training handouts from the best handout of Them all (we're not biased)

Whats Your Formula book
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experiments with handouts

Experiment: Al + Id + Hn

What happens when we mix Al (Adult Learning) + Id (Instructional Design) + Hn (Handouts)? Will we produce a way to grab your participants’ attention from the beginning of your session? Or will it blow up like your favorite sixth grade science experiment?

Elements Likely to Bond with Professional training Handouts (without the need for glue)

visual designVisual Design

Incorporating the element of effective visual design is essential to having Handouts that are professional looking, engaging, and memorable—something your learners will want to hold on to. It also demonstrates respect for your learners by not giving them something that looks like it was thrown together minutes before your session was about to begin.

learning objectivesLearning Objectives Taxonomy

As with all aspects of your training program, your Handouts should align and help accomplish your learning objectives. The more tangential your Handouts, the less likely your learners will find them useful and take them at the end of your program.

instructional designInstructional Design

Your Handouts are an opportunity to further the narrative and arc of the instructional design strategy you’ve crafted for your program.

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