Email (EE-mALE) Interactive What is Email? Email is a web-based means of communication that allows users to send messages, share information and links, and attach resources. Key Properties The core properties of email are: An electronic form of communication  Allows people to send and receive information in the body of a message or through a […]



Slideshare (SLYd-shair) Interactive What is Slideshare? Slideshare is an internet site serving as a repository of slide decks, allowing users to download complete decks, clip specific slides, or comment on the work of others. Key Properties Here are the core properties of Slideshare: Slide-sharing site with over 70 million users Allows you to upload your […]



YouTube (YOO-toob) Interactive What is YouTube? YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet. It allows users to upload videos, view videos, and comment on existing content. Key Properties The properties of YouTube are: Content available is exclusively in video format The search function allows you to quickly find relevant […]



Website (WEBB-s-eye-t) Interactive What is a Website? Supervisor support is a strategy of engaging a training participant’s supervisor to help support the learner before and after a learning experience in an effort to ensure skill transfer to the job. Other Common Names Other common names for websites include: Site Web page Key Properties A website, […]



Blog (BLAHgg) Interactive What is a blog? Blog is short for weblog; an internet site that contains a series of journal-like entries and articles that can be of varying lengths, often allowing for reader interaction through a comment section. Key Properties These are some characteristics of a blog: Informal, web-based writing medium that doesn’t require […]



LinkedIn (LEENkt-inn) Interactive What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals to connect, share industry news and information, and job announcements. It allows you to set up private groups for asynchronous conversations. Key Properties LinkedIn is an online social media platform that was created as a way for professionals to connect […]



Twitter (TW-ih-tuhr) Interactive What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media and microblogging platform allowing you to share information, follow colleagues or thought leaders, and conduct short-form interactions. Key Properties Several of the core properties of this element include: Short-form (there used to be a 140-character limit on messages, and though that limit has been […]


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