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What is Lecture?

One-way presentation delivery method in which information is given from a speaker to the rest of the audience.

Other Common Names for Lecture

Other common names for dialogue education include:

  • Sage on the Stage
  • Presentation
  • Speech
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At its core, lecture can be defined as simply talking about content. In fact, lecture may be the single-most prominent method of content delivery known to man. It can take many forms—from standard college classes and Sunday church sermons to TED Talks and storytelling.

If you subscribe to the idea that an instructor must be accountable to the audience, ensuring audience members are following along and enhancing their knowledge, skills, or abilities, then lecture can also present a challenge. Due to the one-way nature of this element, there is inherent difficulty in determining whether audience members are processing the information being delivered (or whether they’re simply making eye contact while their mind wanders off to what they need to buy at the grocery store or who might win the big game this weekend).

For those most comfortable with the lecture format, several elements can bond with it to add instructor-learner accountability.

audience response systemsAudience Response

As you’ll discover in chapter 4, “Solid Elements,” audience polling can immediately engage your learners by asking them a simple question to which they can respond without feeling pressure or risk. This element can help empower them to add to or inform the way you tailor your session content through their responses.

quiz softwareQuiz Software

Similar to audience polling, when you integrate quizzes or other options that force your audience to think about the topic, it suddenly becomes more relevant in the moment.

powerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint

Offering powerful visual aids or highlighting key points on a slide can enhance the learner experience. If you want more information on how this can be done, watch any presentation by Steve Jobs.

Other Sources of Information on Lecture

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