Lesson Plan


(LESS-uhn Pl-ANN)

Solid Elements


What is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan (or instructional design plan) is a tool used to outline the sequence and flow of activities as well as talking points for a training session. Beyond activities and talking points, this often includes bigger picture items as well, such as learning objectives and session materials.

Other Common Names

Other common names for lesson plan include:

  • Presenter Notes
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Instructional Design Plan

Key Properties

  • Written narrative of a training session’s sequence and flow
  • Guidance on how much time to spend on any given topic, talking point, or activity
  • In addition to an outline of talking points and activities, provides big picture information that could include overall session goals, specific learning objectives, and materials to be used during the session
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Key Passages from What's Your Formula?

Whats Your Formula book
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A game is something you play, while gamification is an intentional design strategy. Using a lesson plan (or for e-learning, a storyboard) to map out that design strategy can help you connect the dots and envision how a completely gamified program could work.

Subject Matter ExpertSubject Matter Experts

Keeping in mind that your subject matter expert won’t know much about dialogue education or instructional design, it will probably be up to you to develop a lesson plan for your SME to follow


As you’ll discover in more depth when you examine element 36, Soapbox is a tool that can help you quickly concoct your own lesson plan. The lesson plan (or facilitator guide as the Soapbox software calls it) will allow you to determine how much time to spend on which activities. The added advantage of the Soapbox format is that it connects your learning objectives with activities designed to help accomplish those objectives.