Goal Setting

goal setting

Goal Setting (GO-hl SET-teen)G LIQUID What is Goal Setting? Goal setting is the practice of establishing specific plans and action items as the result of a learning experience. Other Common Names Other common names for goal setting include: Action planning Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog https://endurancelearing.com/blog/executing-growth/ https://endurancelearing.com/blog/mentorship-is-2-ways/   Insights that Flow Freely […]



Microlearning (MY-crow LUR-neen) LIQUID What is Microlearning? Microlearning is short, self-directed learning segments that can serve as standalone resources or as part of a larger learning program. Other Common Names Other common names for lesson plan include: Learning bursts Key Properties The properties of the element microlearning include: short bursts of content narrowly focused available […]



Coaching (KOH-cheen) LIQUID What is Coaching? Coaching is the pairing of individuals in a formal relationship in which a coach will facilitate conversation through open dialogue and questions to identify and draw out answers and strategies that may lie within the coach to achieve specific goals. Other Common Names Other common names for coaching include: […]



Mentorship (MEN-tor-ship) LIQUID What is Mentorship? Mentorship is a pairing of individuals that allows a lesser-experienced individual to gain insights into specific pathways toward success from a more-experienced individual. Other Common Names Other common names for mentorship include: Coaching Advisors Guides Key Properties of Mentorship A mentoring relationship can be either formal (many organizations have […]


Assessment (SOO-purr-vEYE-zor SUH-port) LIQUID What is Assessment? An assessment is an instrument used to measure individual skills, knowledge gain, retention, or learning program effectiveness. Other Common Names Other common names for assessment include: Test Quiz Key Properties Assessment is an attempt to determine the effectiveness of a learning initiative and has the following core properties: […]

Follow Up

follow up

Follow Up (FA-low Up) LIQUID What is Follow up? The practice of ensuring learners have an opportunity to revisit what they have learned through post-training contact. This could include information sent by the trainer, conversations with a supervisor, peer learning groups, or communities of practice. Other Common Names Other common names for follow up include: […]

Spaced Learning

spaced learning

Spaced Learning (SPAY-st LUHR-neen) LIQUID What is Spaced Learning? Spaced learning is a learning program strategy in which content is revisited over a period of time (e.g., hours, days, weeks), encouraging learners to access previously introduced topics and increasing the potential for retention. Other Common Names for Spaced Learning Other common names for spaced learning […]

Learning Boosts

learning boosts

Learning Boosts (LURN-een BOO-sts) LIQUID What is a Learning Boost? Learning boosts are a learning program strategy in which learners are sent short pieces of information, activities, or quiz questions to boost retention of a particular topic or subject. Other Common Names Other common names for learning boosts include: Refreshers Nudges Key Properties of Learning […]

Measuring for Effectiveness

measuring for effectiveness

Measuring for Effectiveness (MEH-zure-een fur EEfek-tiv-nuss) LIQUID What does Measuring for Effectiveness Mean? Measuring for effectiveness (or training evaluation) is a learning program strategy in which the efficacy of a program is measured using qualitative and/or quantitative means. Other Common Names Other common names for measuring for effectiveness include: Training evaluation Key Properties With measuring […]

Supervisor Support

supervisor support

Supervisor Support (SOO-purr-vEYE-zor SUH-port) LIQUID What is Supervisor Support? Supervisor support is a strategy of engaging a training participant’s supervisor to help support the learner before and after a learning experience in an effort to ensure skill transfer to the job. Other Common Names Other common names for lesson plan include: People Management   Key […]


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