mr. sketch markers
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Mr. Sketch Markers

(MISSt-her SK-ech)

Solid Elements


What is a Mr. Sketch Flip chart marker?

Mr. Sketch markers are writing instruments designed for flip charts or chart paper characterized by unique scents, tendency to not bleed through paper, and long lifespan.

Other Common Names

Other common names for Mr. Sketch Markers include:

  • Flip chart markers
  • Chart paper markers

Key Properties

While element 19 could easily be generalized as “markers,” the following properties best characterize the unique nature of Mr. Sketch markers:

  • Long lasting
  • Normal writing will not bleed through to the next flipchart sheet
  • Vibrant colors
  • Scented
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Insights about the Importance of Flip Chart Markers from What's Your Formula?

Whats Your Formula book
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Elements that Bond with Mr. Sketch Markers


While key points listed on PowerPoint slides often accompany traditional lecture, you can make lecture more dynamic by writing key points on a flipchart or capturing learners’ thoughts, which can make a lecture more interactive as well.

dialogue educationDialogue Education

As you’ll discover in more depth in the next chapter, Jane Vella’s concept of dialogue education is based on the idea that learners thrive when instruction comes through dialogue. Having opportunities to discuss ideas, concepts, and content in small groups; capture them on a flipchart; and then report back to the large group is another way to integrate Mr. Sketch markers into an amazing learning experience.


If you’re not using Mr. Sketch markers to write on name tents or to make a name tag, then it seems capturing thoughts on a flipchart is the most logical and most frequent use of Mr. Sketch Markers. That said, if you’re conducting an activity in which participants are brainstorming thoughts on sticky notes and then sticking those notes onto a flipchart at the front of the room, using Mr. Sketch markers would be easier to read by more people than if your learners use pens or finer-tipped markers.


Asking participants to grab a Mr. Sketch marker and quickly write one idea, reflection, or concept on a series of flipcharts posted around the room in a sort of “write-n-run” activity can bring the energy up in your room while getting participants involved in generating content or sharing their thoughts. There are a variety of ways to structure review-style games using Mr. Sketch markers and flipcharts to start your day, close out an activity, or wrap up the session.

High Quality Chart Paper Markers and Chart Paper

The original Mr. Sketch Markers
flip chart paper
Flip Chart Paper
flip charts - tabletop
Tabletop Flip Chart Pad

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