quiz software
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Quiz Software

(KWIZZ SAWf-wear)

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What is Quiz Software?

Quiz software is a web-based application that allows you to ask your learners questions and track their scoring in either an individual or team format.

Other Common Names

Other common names for quiz software include:

  • Polling

Key Properties

While there are many quiz software platforms on the market, this element is typically characterized by:

  • Digital-based media (often online, but can also be installed on a local machine)
  • Use of a back-end database to track participant scores, which can be accessed at any time
quiz software
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learning objectivesLearning Objectives Taxonomy

What is it that people should be able to do by the end of this session, and does this activity help get us there? These are the questions that should be at the core of any activity you choose for a session, especially one that can generate anxiety. Quizzes, whether they take the form of traditional paper and pencil or a more modern online platform that looks like a game, can generate anxiety. Quiz software can also generate enthusiasm and a sense of competition with some of the game-like offerings available. When you choose to bring this element into your program, it should always align with the learning objectives you’ve outlined, and you should be sure to let your participants know how their participation can bring them closer to meeting those learning objectives.

instructional designInstructional Design

While the learning objective taxonomy is one piece of effective instructional design, you’ll want to be sure you’ve analyzed the needs of your learners, the environment in which you’ll be training, and whether or not they’ll have the technology necessary to fully benefit from quiz software (it often requires a smartphone or other web-connected device). Is the quiz software a shiny object that would simply be cool and fun to use, perhaps because you’ve seen it used effectively elsewhere? Or does it fit within the coherent, intentional sequence and flow of a lesson?


One of the biggest advantages to using quiz software— something it offers much more easily than a flipchart-based or even PowerPoint-based Jeopardy-style quiz or review game—is that you can collect individual quiz performance data to analyze whether learners are able to respond accurately to questions about your content. This data can be used for many purposes, such as whether you need to make in-session adjustments to allocate more (or less) time to a specific subject, or as a data point to evaluate how well learners recall specific facts about your content.

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