data for training

Data (DAY-tuh) Radioactive What is Data? Data is quantitative or qualitative points of measurement, information, or statistics. In training, data can you help you: Identify training needs Persuade your audience Empower learners to use data in their work Other Common Names Other common names for data include: Metrics Stats KPIs Key Properties The core properties […]



Games (GAY-mz) Radioactive What is a Game in Learning & Development? A game is a learning activity in which game elements are used to accomplish specific learning objectives. Other Common Names Other common names for games include:  Play Key Properties In her book Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can […]

Role Play

role play

Role Play (ROW-ll Pl-EH) Radioactive What is Role Play? Role play is a learning activity in a practice setting in which one or more participants enact real-world conversations and behaviors based on a specific scenario and then receive feedback. Other Common Names Other common names for role play include: Simulation Key Properties These are properties […]

Augmented Reality

augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AHG-munt-d REE-al-ih-tee) Radioactive What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is a combination of software and hardware that allows learners to use a device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop) to scan their environment and view or interact with objects on their devices that are not physically present. Other Common Names Other common names for augmented […]



eLearning (EE-luhr-neen) Radioactive What is eLearning? Elearning is a learning delivery method by which content and activities are available in a digital format for learners. Other Common Names Other common names for elearning include: Online learning Virtual learning Asynchronous online training Web-based training (WBT) Computer-based training (CBT) Key Properties Let’s identify some key properties of […]



Icebreakers (EYEs-bray-kerz) Radioactive What is an Icebreaker? An icebreaker is an activity designed to help participants learn more about one another, the presenter, or the topic. Other Common Names Other common names for dialogue education include: Anchor activity Intro activity Key Properties While the mere mention of icebreakers can make learners want to run for […]

Smile Sheets

smile sheets

Smile Sheets (SMY-l SHE-tz) Radioactive What is a Smile Sheet? Nickname for post-training evaluation forms that measure a participant’s reaction to a learning experience. Other Common Names Other common names for smile sheets include: Post-training Evaluation Trainer evaluation Key Properties While smile sheets come in all shapes and sizes, with different questions and ways of […]


handouts for training

Handouts (HAN-d-outs) Radioactive What are Handouts? Handouts are print materials distributed to enhance a learning experience. Other Common Names Other common names for handouts include: Participant Guides Training Materials Job Aids Training Handout Key Properties Handouts, participant guides, user manuals, and job aids can serve as reference materials and can keep the learning lights on […]

Subject Matter Experts

subject matter experts

Subject Matter Experts (SUB-jekt MAA-tur X-purtz) Radioactive What is a Subject Matter Expert? A subject matter expert (SME) is an individual who has a deep understanding of a specific subject and can be paired with someone who focuses on learning & development to produce the best possible training outcomes. Other Common Names for Subject Matter […]



PowerPoint (pawr-point) Radioactive What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a software tool produced by Microsoft that is used to display slides in the vast majority of professional presentations. Other Common Names Other common names for PowerPoint include: Slides Slide deck Google Slides Keynote Key Properties Consider the core properties of PowerPoint: Computer-based visual design tool Ubiquitous […]


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