role play

Role Play

(ROW-ll Pl-EH)

radioactive elements

What is Role Play?

Role play is a learning activity in a practice setting in which one or more participants enact real-world conversations and behaviors based on a specific scenario and then receive feedback.

Other Common Names

Other common names for role play include:

  • Simulation

Key Properties

These are properties of the element role play:

  • Attempts to simulate real-life interactions
  • Uses guidance but not entire scripts
role play

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Liquid Elements that may bond well with this radioactive element


Role play can be such a radioactive element when learners don’t think it will help them learn something. Having a structured feedback component can be one way to bond role play with assessment. In addition, some training programs require learners to pass a culminating activity to complete the course. Using a role-play scenario in which a trainer or supervisor is equipped with a checklist or rubric to assess when a learner is competent in a new skill can add a very real level of rigor.

goal settingGoal Setting

This can be done at the start of a training session, then learners can compare their role-play performance with the goals they have already set, or it can be done following a role-play scenario when learners have received feedback and thus have greater awareness of where they should focus their attention for further professional development.

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