screen capture tools
screen capture tools

SCreen Capture

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What is a Screen Capture Tool?

Screen capture tools are software that allow users to take picture of whatever is on their computer screens.

Key Properties

These are the most prominent properties of this Screen Capture element:

  • Takes still images of all or a portion of what appears on your computer screen
  • Saves the image for use as-is or so you can manipulate it to meet your training needs

Other Common Names

Other common names for screen capture tools include:

  • SnagIt
  • Snipping Tools
screen capture tools for training

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Elements that Capture Some of the Essence of this Element

microsoft wordMicrosoft Word

While I offered the example of some images being left in a conference room, oftentimes job aids require a little more context. Building user manuals or quick reference guides will rely in part on high-quality images. Embedding those images into a Word document so that you have space to write more detailed instructions or steps in a process can be important to assist people in more complex tasks.

powerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint

Some medical professionals use screen capture to get imagery from microscopes or other medical equipment connected to a camera. Some training professionals embed screen capture images from software tools and databases to assist in new user orientation for those systems. Regardless of your topic, if you have real-life images of your concepts or processes to share, you can use them to break up the text on your PowerPoint slides.

learning boostsLearning Boosts

Following a training session, it can be beneficial to send quick reference materials, helpful hints, or shortcuts using screen capture imagery to solidify your learners’ retention and improve their ability to apply what you’ve taught them.

quiz softwareQuiz Software

If you’re looking to assess your learners’ understanding of topics such as software usage and navigation, then posing a screen capture image and asking people to identify specific fields or explain the order in which a screen should be navigated can replace traditional text-based quiz questions and make the assessment more true-to-life.


When it comes to system training, you can recreate screens or pages in a system by taking screen capture images and overlay clickable hotspots to provide learners an opportunity to practice navigating a system and give them feedback if they aren’t clicking in the right areas.

Popular Screen Capture Tools

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