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What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is an internet site serving as a repository of slide decks, allowing users to download complete decks, clip specific slides, or comment on the work of others.


Key Properties

Here are the core properties of Slideshare:

  • Slide-sharing site with over 70 million users
  • Allows you to upload your own content and view others’ slides
  • Content is easy to locate using the search function
  • Interaction can come through liking, commenting, or sharing to other social media platforms

Slideshare Examples

A classic, viral Slideshare presentation

An example showing how you can share a presentation on Slideshare without a presenter.

Use Slideshare to see examples from great slides designers like Garr Reynolds.

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SlideShare can be a useful way to amplify the impact of your content and can be made more powerful through bonds with any of the following elements:

powerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint

Just like you can’t leverage YouTube without videos, you obviously can’t leverage SlideShare without first creating a PowerPoint deck. If you’re facilitating a class on slide design, SlideShare could also be a way to encourage your participants to show you (and their peers) what they’re capable of by assigning a SlideShare upload as part of the course.

learning boostsLearning Boosts

Don’t forget about the content others have already made available and posted to SlideShare. Sending links to slide decks that are aligned with your content can be a different media that helps keep your topic front-of-mind.

visual designVisual Design

Just like you don’t want to share poorly designed slides with your learners, you really don’t want to share poorly designed slides with the rest of the world. Yes, there are some poorly designed slides that clutter up the SlideShare archives, but at the end of the day, slide decks that don’t adhere to basic principles of visual design are as underwhelming on SlideShare as they are in the training environment.


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