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Solid Elements


What is Soapbox?

Online, rapid authoring tool allowing users to quickly generate a training lesson plan with a sequence and flow of activities connected to learning outcomes.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Soapbox by Endurance Learning was recognized by the readers of Training Magazine as a top Authoring Tool.

Read reviews of Soapbox from those whose work has been changed by using Soapbox to develop their training.

Soapbox was voted one of the top tools for learning for 2021. Check out the full list to see a lot of great tools to improve how you work.

Other Common Names

Other common names for Soapbox include:

  • Game changer
  • Rapid authoring
  • Perdisco (well, not really)

Key Properties of Soapbox

Soapbox is a web-based tool that:

  • Is designed to be used for instructor-led training (whether in-person or virtual)
  • Generates a lesson plan with a sequence and flow of training activities connected to your learning objectives
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Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog

Insights That Were not Generated with the Help of a Rapid Authoring Tool

Whats Your Formula book
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subject matter expertsSubject Matter Experts (SMEs)

While this tool makes it easy to come up with a logical sequence and flow of activities, you will still need to fill in your own content. Using your own knowledge or engaging a subject matter expert to determine key talking points, technical data, or other content-related information can round out anything generated by Soapbox.

virtual meetingVirtual Meeting

As we discussed earlier in this chapter, just because you’re planning to deliver a virtual session doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the same care and intentionality that you would when designing in-person training. In fact, it can be trickier to come up with activities that engage your virtual learners and lead to effective training. Soapbox can help you generate a virtual learning experience with appropriate activities that help keep your learners engaged while aligning with your learning outcomes.

mr. sketch markersMr. Sketch Markers

Many of the activities generated by Soapbox—from setting up stations around the room with pre-made posters for small-group discussion to fast-paced games to get your participants out of their seats—will require the use of flipcharts and markers. As I’ve mentioned already, the most solid of writing instruments (in my opinion) is the Mr. Sketch marker.


When you use Soapbox you’ll often be employing activities that require writing or call for voting dots or sticky notes to be prominently displayed. Flipcharts are a great resource for these activities.

smile sheetsSmile Sheets

Post-training evaluation forms allow you to collect information about your participants’ reactions to any learning experience in which you choose to use training tools, such as Soapbox. It’s especially important to collect as many data points as possible when you employ a new tool or element for your learning program.

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