Screen Recording Tools

screen recording

Screen Recording (sk-REE-n RE-kord-een)​ SOLID What is Screen Recording Software? Screen recording software allows a user to use live-action recording to capture navigation or other movement on their computer screen. Other Common Names Other common names for screen recording include: Screencasts   Key Properties While there are a variety of free and fee-based tools available, […]

Text Tools

text tools

Text Tools (TEK-st TOO-ls)​ SOLID What is a Text Messaging for Training? Text tools are software allowing learning program designers to send SMS-based messaging, information, or activities to participants before or after training programs. Other Common Names Other common names for lesson plan include: Text messaging WhatsApp Direct messaging   Key Properties The element text […]

Collaborative File Sharing

collaborative file sharing

Collaborative File Sharing (KOH-lab-er-uh-tiv FIE-l CHER-een)​ SOLID What is Collaborative File Sharing? Collaborative file sharing is a central knowledge repository in which files, resources, and information can be stored and accessed by people across teams or organizations. Other Common Names Other common names for collaborative file sharing include: Document collaboration File sharing Key Properties Regardless […]

Screen Capture Tools

screen capture tools

SCreen Capture SOLID What is a Screen Capture Tool? Screen capture tools are software that allow users to take picture of whatever is on their computer screens. Key Properties These are the most prominent properties of this Screen Capture element: Takes still images of all or a portion of what appears on your computer screen […]

eLearning Authoring Tools

rapid authoring

Rapid Authoring (RAP-id AHTH-er-een)​ SOLID What is a Rapid Authoring Tool? A rapid authoring tool is software designed to allow for the easy, quick development of e-learning without the need for advanced coding skills. Key Properties Rapid authoring tools share the following characteristics: Software that is easily accessible to the general public An interface that […]



Flip Chart (FLIP-chart)​ SOLID What is a Flip Chart? A flip chart is poster-sized paper that can be prepared in advance and hung on the wall around a training room or posted on an easel and used in the moment to highlight or emphasize key learning points. Other Common Names for Flip Charts You wouldn’t […]

Mr. Sketch Markers

Mr Sketch flip chart markers

Mr. Sketch Markers (MISSt-her SK-ech)​ SOLID What is a Mr. Sketch Flip chart marker? Mr. Sketch markers are writing instruments designed for flip charts or chart paper characterized by unique scents, tendency to not bleed through paper, and long lifespan. Other Common Names Other common names for Mr. Sketch Markers include: Flip chart markers Chart […]

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings (VER-t-you-al ME-teen) SOLID What is a Virtual Meeting Platform? An online platform that allows for live, instructor-led learning experiences. Other Common Names for Virtual Meeting Platforms You may not call it a virtual meeting platform due to the many brand names that are common: Zoom GoToMeeting or GoToTraining Microsoft Teams Adobe Connect Key […]

Using Video in Training


Video (VIH-dee-oh)​ SOLID What is a Video? Video as part of a training program can come in all shapes and sizes, from hour-long, professional produced films to homemade 30-second vignettes shared as part of microlearning. Other Common Names Other common names for video include: Screen recording Movie Training film Key Properties of Video in a […]

Google for Training


Google (Goo-gl)​ SOLID What is Google? While search engines could be the name of this element, Google is one of the most commonly used Internet search engines and is often used as a verb, as in “just Google it!” Key Properties When it comes to search engines such as Google, in the context of amazing […]


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