spaced learning
Spaced Learning

Spaced Learning

(SPAY-st LUHR-neen)

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What is Spaced Learning?

Spaced learning is a learning program strategy in which content is revisited over a period of time (e.g., hours, days, weeks), encouraging learners to access previously introduced topics and increasing the potential for retention.

Other Common Names for Spaced Learning

Other common names for spaced learning include:

  • Spaced retrieval
  • Multiple learning sessions
  • Spaced practice
  • Spaced education

Key Properties of Spaced Learning

  • There is more than one learning “touch point.”
  • It includes a pause between when content or skills are taught.
  • Content or skills are revisited following the pause.
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Elements that have a "Touch Point" with Spaced Learning

instructional designInstructional Design

Like many other elements, spaced learning isn’t something to throw together at the last minute. It needs to be intentionally designed whether you’re developing instructor-led or online learning experiences, presenting content, or pausing that content and returning to it later in the session or during a second or third session down the road.


Breaking longer courses (I’ve been involved in the development of courses that can run an hour or more!) down into shorter, 15-minute chunks with a review of what was learned in previous chunks may be one way to go. Multiweek, asynchronous online courses during which participants can be exposed to content and do assignments at their own pace may also be a way to space out the learning and revisit key points.


Similar to the way in which learning boosts operate, sending automated emails with bits of content or short quizzes can help learners revisit and recall key information.

35 MicrolearningMicrolearning

In addition to short e-learning modules, you can design short videos, articles, or tutorials into your spaced cadence of content to reinforce previously covered concepts.

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