text tools
text tools

Text Tools

(TEK-st TOO-ls)

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What is a Text Messaging for Training?

Text tools are software allowing learning program designers to send SMS-based messaging, information, or activities to participants before or after training programs.

Other Common Names

Other common names for lesson plan include:

  • Text messaging
  • WhatsApp
  • Direct messaging


Key Properties

The element text tools is characterized by:

  • SMS-based technology
  • Distribution of content, website links, or quiz questions to learners
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Resources From The Train Like a Champion Blog

Whats Your Formula book
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learning boostsLearning Boosts

Well-timed text messages to remind participants of your content, point them toward job aids, or augment what they’ve studied are all examples of how text tools can be leveraged to boost retention and adoption of new concepts.

35 MicrolearningMicrolearning

Providing small bites of information via SMS may be all your learners need.


Post-testing at the end of a training program can yield a data point that isn’t necessarily an indicator of learning or retention because little time will have passed from the end of instruction and the time learners take the test. Using text tools to send several quiz questions in the days or weeks following a learning experience can offer a more realistic indicator of how much your learners have actually retained.

learning objectivesLearning Objectives Taxonomy

Regardless of the actual content you plan to push to your learners, it’s important to ask yourself: Will sending this text message help my learners demonstrate their ability to do something new, differently, or better? In other words, will it help accomplish the learning objectives that have been established for this experience?

instructional designInstructional Design

Putting together a coherent campaign of messages will depend on how well you’ve analyzed the needs of your learners and their ability to use their device, as well as how well you put together and execute the messaging and distribution of engaging, relevant content.

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