interactive elements

What is a Website?

Supervisor support is a strategy of engaging a training participant’s supervisor to help support the learner before and after a learning experience in an effort to ensure skill transfer to the job.

Other Common Names

Other common names for websites include:

  • Site
  • Web page

Key Properties

A website, in the context of interactive elements, is:

  • a dynamic online resource
  • available to anyone with an internet connection.

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Elements that Bond with the Web

audience response systemsAudience Response

Many audience response tools are considered software as a service, run from specific websites as opposed to being installed on your local drive. This is an example of leveraging a website as a learning tool.

quiz softwareQuiz Software

Similar to audience response tools, quiz software like Kahoot or Quizizz are run from specific websites and can be fun, engaging ways to assess learners without needing to develop your own quizzing system.

adult learningAdult Learning

Where there is a significant need for on-the-job learning, making sure employees know about key websites where they can find information, download forms, and navigate policies and procedures may be enough to honor their need to be self-directed and autonomous learners.

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