Youtube as a learning tool



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What is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet. It allows users to upload videos, view videos, and comment on existing content.

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Key Properties

The properties of YouTube are:

  • Content available is exclusively in video format
  • The search function allows you to quickly find relevant content
  •  Interaction can take place by liking (thumbs up), disliking (thumbs down), sharing, or commenting on content
  • Links to content can be embedded and played in blogs or websites

Insights that Read Like Your Favorite Viral Video

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Elements that Are Likely to Autoplay with YouTube

learning boostsLearning Boosts

Whether you use content that you’ve generated or credible content that you’ve found, sending links to YouTube videos offers an easy way to share video content while keeping your subject matter front-of-mind with your learners.


Obviously, this element is essential for the use of YouTube. Creating video content and posting it—whether onto a private, unlisted channel or for the whole world to see—can amplify the reach of your learning initiative by providing easy access to any size audience.

screen recordingScreen Recording

Don’t think that you need to create clever, viral-caliber videos when posting to a YouTube channel. If your goal is to help people learn, then providing learning resources—whether using people or by recording screencasts and steps to navigate certain software tools—and posting them to your channel can be a crucial way to make on-demand, in-demand resources available.

35 MicrolearningMicrolearning

Recording or finding short clips and distributing the links to learners as stand-alone job aids or bite-sized educational chunks could be a welcome departure from articles and short e-learning modules.

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